Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Elyse came home yesterday so excited that she received homework again (she hasn't had any for a couple of weeks.)  She promptly pulled it out of her backpack and started working, even though I told her to wait until after I made dinner so I could help her.  As a result, she did one page completely wrong because she couldn't read the directions.  Mind you, it isn't due until Friday.

I was home today and should have accomplished so much more than I did on my homework, considering I am tackling an additional class and have twice the amount of homework due each week.  I know what is needed to be done, but I fail to accomplish it in ample time.  Instead, I spend the last hours before it is due rushing to get it finished.  Yet I have received a 99% or greater on each of the masters classes I have taken so far. 

Procrastination has been plaguing me for as long as I remember, but it works for me.  Yet I constantly remind myself that I would save a lot of undue stress on me and my family if I enthusiastically accomplished it at the beginning of each week, like Elyse.  And what am I teaching my daughter in regards to her responsibilities and the value of time? 

I am sure I would do just as well completing the work at the beginning of the week as I do at the end.  But I have never done it that way.  How do I change my study habits when I have been doing it this way for so long?  Does how I approach my homework really influence how Elyse will approach it as well?  This is my struggle today.  Any thoughts?

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  1. We come from the same breed. I am a perpetual procrastinator as well, so I have no words of wisdom. Now though, knowing you are setting an example for Elyse, maybe a good conscious effort may help a little!